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In a world saturated with unconscious negativity and the constant onslaught of physical and mental toxins, we, as optimistic beings, seek to transform our lives. We yearn for the caged lions within us to reign over the jungles of our existence, often overlooking the crucial truth that true change requires a conscious decision to implement transformative measures. Through the lens of spirituality and personal transformation, we recognize the power within us to break free from the confines of negativity, paving the way for a renewed and enlightened journey toward a more fulfilling and purpose-driven life.”

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About The Author

Born on July 25, 1978, in Beirut, Lebanon, Najjar is not just an accomplished author, but a literary force who has made a significant impact on bestseller lists and received accolades aplenty.

His life is a remarkable journey that seamlessly intertwines intellectual pursuits with entrepreneurial endeavors.

Armed with a bachelor’s degree from The American University of Beirut, he ventured into the business world, founding ventures like Securita Re, Yamadori S.A.L, and Libonsai, showcasing a rare blend of academic excellence and business acumen.

In the crucible of professional challenges and personal trials, Najjar discovered the inspiration to craft ‘The YOU beyond you.’ Initially penned in his private journal, these reflections, distilled from profound experiences, blossomed into a daily meditation — a living testament to his profound connection with the forces shaping our reality.

Amidst the tumult of the COVID-19 lockdowns in 2020, he chose to share these insights, aiming to illuminate paths through adversity for others.

His personal odyssey of introspection evolved into a profound exploration of the universe’s intricacies. ‘The YOU beyond you’ laid the groundwork for his subsequent work, ‘The Ultimate Human Secrets,’ unveiled in May 2021, delving deeper into the enigmatic recesses of our unconscious knowledge.

Culminating his spiritual literary journey with “THE ECHOES OF ENIGMA,” Najjar invites readers to immerse themselves in a world of self-reflection and intellectual discovery. This latest masterpiece delves even further into the enigmatic realms of life and reality, promising a profound reading experience that challenges conventional understanding and unveils the mysteries of existence.

The pinnacle of Najjar’s literary legacy arrived in April 2024 with the release of his magnum opus, “HOW TO HACK BACK YOUR MIND – Reclaim Control Over Your Life.”

This groundbreaking addition to the self-help genre promises to redefine its standards, offering unparalleled insights and resetting the boundaries of intellectual exploration.

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Immersing oneself in the pages of books undoubtedly enriches the mind, but the true magic happens when those insights become deeply ingrained in one’s daily life. By integrating the lessons and wisdom gained from literature into the very essence of one’s existence, a journey of self-discovery and personal growth begins.

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Control Your Mind. Personal Transformation. Self-help

 A  Book Redefining the Self-Help Genre

Reclaim Control Over Your Life

Introducing HOW TO HACK BACK YOUR MIND, a groundbreaking force in the self-help landscape. This book, written by visionary multi-award-winning author Ramzi Najjar, goes beyond being just another addition to one’s shelf. It represents a seismic shift in our personal growth and transformation approach.

In a saturated self-help world filled with noise, HOW TO HACK BACK YOUR MIND stands tall as a guiding lighthouse. It helps seekers delve deeper into themselves and discover their limitless potential.

Gone are the days of superficial advice, positive affirmations, and quick fixes. This book invites readers to explore the uncharted depths of their minds courageously.


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Early life and education

Born in 1978 in Beit Meri, a small town nestled in Mount Lebanon, Lebanon, Najjar’s childhood was shaped by the tumultuous backdrop of the Lebanese civil war. Amidst the chaos and destruction, he witnessed the horrors of war from a young age and grappled with immense stress. Seeking solace, Najjar delved into contemplation and explored the deeper complexities of life beyond the surrounding turmoil.

As the war came to an end when he was 12, Najjar found himself reflecting on the stark contrast between the chaos of the past and the newfound calmness of post-war life. His curiosity about human behavior and the underlying factors that drive it deepened over time. Although he attended school, Najjar’s true interests lay in subjects not covered by the curriculum, such as the nature of reality, human psychology, and the intricacies of human behavior.

After completing his college education at Louise Wegmann College, Najjar continued his academic journey at The American University of Beirut in 1997, pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Public Administration. Throughout his studies and beyond, Najjar remained dedicated to unraveling the mysteries of human nature and exploring the forces that shape our reality.

Library full of books

Personal Transformation and Spirituality

Choosing the spiritual path is a profound endeavor that often involves practices such as mindfulness meditation, conscious living, and the exploration of esoteric knowledge.

Whether one is seeking spiritual awakening, delving into holistic spirituality, or practicing transcendental meditation, the path to higher consciousness is a transformative journey of self-discovery that requires a lot of devotion.

Through soulful living and acquiring knowledge, one can uncover ancient wisdom, embrace mystical teachings, and tap into universal energy for personal transformation.

From a young age, Najjar recognized the pivotal role of “Accumulation” and “Dissociation” in shaping our dynamic life, which is subject to endless change, from the cells in our bodies to the events that occur in our lives. These two elements either converge to form a greater whole or diverge to dissipate back into the fabric of reality.

In 2013, while seeking respite from work stress in his office, he was captivated by the TV news showing the shocking pictures of victims of a mass murder. This moment caused him to freeze and triggered a thunderous awakening, leaving him with an intense headache for an entire day.

Realizing the need for a conscious shift, Najjar felt compelled to consciously filter every aspect of his life. From bad food choices to negative thoughts and unhealthy social interactions, he initiated a transformative filtering process relying on removing all sources of negativity from his life. That led to a more enlightened and existential way of living.

Amid the COVID-19 lockdowns in 2020, Najjar seized the opportunity to distill a lifetime of realizations and knowledge into a trilogy of three books. The series began with “The YOU beyond you” and continued with “The Ultimate Human Secrets,” culminating in his third book, “THE ECHOES OF ENIGMA,” published in 2024. These groundbreaking books encapsulate his views on the nature of reality and its workings.

Anyone can embark on a journey of spiritual awakening with Najjar’s profound insights, discover the transformative power of conscious living, and explore the essence of existence through the lens of conscious filtration.

By doing so, individuals can navigate a path toward enlightenment and self-discovery.

What Is Spirituality?

What Is The Profound Impact of Spirituality on Our Lives?

Spirituality involves recognizing a feeling, sense, or belief in something greater than oneself, something beyond sensory experience. This greater whole is cosmic or divine.

It is the quality of being concerned with the human spirit, mind, and soul, rather than material or physical things. This shift in our priorities allows us to embrace spirituality more profoundly.”

Today where material objectives often take priority as we are locked in an endless material cycle, that generates stress, discomfort, and worry, the importance of spirituality in our lives becomes crucial.

Spirituality goes beyond our physical bodies and brains and involves forging deep healthy connections with our inner selves, others, and all that is around us. Its relevance lies in its ability to enhance our understanding of life and infuse it with meaning and purpose.

At its core, spirituality empowers individuals by re-attaching to the depths of our inner peace and blissfulness, which we seldom crush with our unconscious thoughts and actions.

It serves as a gate to introspection, accompanying individuals on a path of self-discovery and self-realization.

This inward exploration allows for a profound understanding of our values, beliefs, and the essence and purpose of our lives.

Becoming more spiritual in our current times is a must, as it helps in transcending the mundane aspects of our daily crowded lives and connecting us with forces greater than us that we can embrace to overcome the realities we live. It acts as an anchor in our fast-paced, disorganized, and chaotic world, nurturing peace, relaxation, wisdom, resilience, and determination.

Embracing spirituality offers a comprehensive approach to well-being, promoting body mind, and soul balance and harmony beyond the material pursuits that often dominate our lives.

Ultimately, being spiritual is not cutting ourselves off from life, but to the contrary, it is applying a source of enduring strength, wisdom, and comfort, in our daily routines and endeavors with a profound sense of purpose.

The Path to Ultimate Personal Transformation: A Journey of Spirituality and Meditation

Personal transformation is a sacred expedition of self-discovery, growth, and spiritual enlightenment. It involves going beyond the superficial aspects of daily life and encourages us to delve into the depths of our being.

Meditation is at the core of this transformative path, which goes beyond the ordinary and allows for a profound exploration of the inner self.

We can open the door to higher consciousness through mindfulness and meditation, fostering inner peace, enlightenment, and a harmonious integration of mind, body, and spirit. The rhythm of meditation becomes a guiding force, leading us to an inner sanctuary, where we can connect with our souls and reach spiritual enlightenment.

Consciously embracing spirituality, mindfulness, and holistic living is a deliberate choice to align with the cosmic dance of frequencies.

Each step on this path brings revelations and a deeper understanding of oneself and the interconnectedness of all things.

Spirituality is the tool, that quiets the mind and transcends everyday consciousness. At its core, all spiritual journeys promise profound shifts in perspective.

Becoming more spiritual invites us to see the world through a lens of unity, recognizing the interconnected web of our lives and cultivating reverence and resilience.

The path to personal transformation is not a single event, but an ongoing and enriching process.

Each step and moment of mindfulness contributes to unfolding our spiritual growth. The significance of such a mode of living lies in the continuous daily exploration and evolution it nurtures, not only in its final destination.

Ultimately, this transformative journey promises a life filled with purpose, spiritual fulfillment, and a harmonious alignment with the profound and straightforward Universal Laws.

Through meditation which is the backbone of spirituality, we can discover our inner sanctuary—a place where personal transformation, spiritual enlightenment, and wisdom come together to reshape us and lead us to a smoother less chaotic mode of living.

Personal transformation

NEW RELEASE – April 14, 2024



HOW TO HACK BACK Straight Front Cover

Selected Publications

  • HOW TO HACK BACK YOUR MIND : Reclaim Control Over Your Life
  • The YOU beyond you : The knowledge of the Willing
  • The Ultimate Human Secrets : The Hidden Power in our Mysterious Unconscious Knowledge
  • THE ECHOES OF ENIGMA : Illuminating Life’s Profound Akashic Mysteries

 Awards and Accolades

Awards ramzi najjar

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Some Editorial Reviews

The Ultimate Human Secrets is not only enlightening but also inspiring. This book takes readers on a thought-provoking and profound journey that will ultimately help readers take control of their life – Literary Titan ★★★★★

“In this empowering guide, the award-winning Najjar offers an extraordinary life approach to reach new heights as he lays out strategies for turning negative beliefs and ideas into positive ones…. this is a book that can change your life. Najjar has delivered a winner.” – The Prairies Book Review ★★★★★

“The You beyond you: The Knowledge Of The Willing by Ramzi Najjar is a profound and thought-provoking book that helps readers look at unfolding the secrets of living life to its utmost potential.” – Readers’ Favorite ★★★★★

“I recommend this motivational book to anyone who is on a journey of self-discovery. The YOU Beyond you is written for people who are ready to elevate beyond a personal level of consciousness to understanding the collective consciousness better.” – Literary Titan ★★★★★

“In The YOU beyond you – The knowledge of the willing, Ramzi Najjar addresses his audience with the contemplative calm of a mystic guru and the fervor of an old-time evangelist, in a how-to guide to good health, happiness, and inner peace as a personal philosophic treatise addressing the physical and spiritual quality of life in the 21st century.” – Chanticleer Book Reviews ★★★★★

“Presenting a compelling and optimistic approach towards living one’s best life, The YOU Beyond You is both a philosophical and practical guide to enlightenment and self-improvement. Najjar combines his personal experiences and spiritual theories for a uniquely inspiring read.” – Self-Publishing Review ★★★★

“The You Beyond You: The Knowledge of the Willing by Ramzi Najjar is a book of motivational nonfiction that endeavors to transform lives. In its pages, Najjar proves to be a diligent thinker as well as an assiduous and clear communicator about topics that might just spark change within The You Beyond You is a gift that can show you the way” – Independent Book Review

The YOU beyond you – The Knowledge of the Willing

The YOU beyond you - Book

From the Book’s Back Cover

Blurb – The YOU beyond you

We always experience life through our subjective perceptions, built-up beliefs, and what we have been taught or told by others and seldomly stop to meditate on the reality which surrounds us.

This enlightened guide offers a method to dissolve all that is acquired as bad habits, beliefs, and energies, which have been knowingly or unknowingly gathered throughout our experiences and unlocks a new dimension of life based on what reality firmly is, through concepts which have been never heard of before.

This book contains the real secrets of life and how they operate within us and within our reality. A process that occurs right before our eyes yet mostly goes unseen due to the many blockages in our lives.

About “The YOU beyond you”

Spirituality. Personal Transformation. Self-help

“The YOU beyond you” is a multi-award-winning literary masterpiece that reveals the authentic secrets of life, both within our internal landscapes and the external reality that surrounds us. This unveiling process is often overlooked due to the numerous obstacles in our lives.

More than just a book, “The YOU beyond you” is a meticulously crafted manuscript that explores every dimension of our reality. It serves as a powerful demonstration of the elements that shape and reshape life, presenting a compelling narrative about the transformative journey required to change one’s life.

Grounded in the dynamics and nature of our physical reality, the book uncovers previously unexplored aspects of our existence. By shedding light on these overlooked dynamics, it empowers readers to approach life with a fresh perspective based on the true essence of life, encompassing both the biological and psychological aspects of our being.

The YOU beyond you – Book Description

“The YOU beyond you” is more than just a book; it is a transformative guide that reshapes our understanding of life. In a world filled with negativity and distractions, this guide helps us break free from internal barriers that hinder our growth.

This award-winning masterpiece empowers everyone to dissolve detrimental habits and beliefs, unlocking their true potential.

As we explore the pages of “The YOU beyond you,” we will uncover life’s hidden secrets and gain insights into overcoming mental obstacles. Drawing from biological and psychological theories, it offers practical tools for personal growth and spiritual awakening.

Embrace “The YOU beyond you” today and embark on your journey to transform your life.

THE ECHOES OF ENIGMA- Illuminating Life’s Profound Akashik Mysteries

Front on table self-help, echoes of enigma

From the Book’s Back Cover



“THE ECHOES OF ENIGMA” is a transformative journey and groundbreaking self-help book that unravels the mysterious web of existence.

Through deep insights and revelations, this book will guide you to the core secrets of the universe, paving the way to abundance, prosperity, and overall well-being.

A profound journey of self-discovery and empowerment, the echoes of ancient wisdom in the book pave the way for a life filled with meaning and fulfillment.


Spirituality. Metaphysics. Personal Transformation. Self-help

THE ECHOES OF ENIGMA’ is an extraordinary guide to self-improvement and metaphysical exploration. It serves as a profound revelation, unraveling the mysteries concealed within our reality.

This magnum opus skillfully peels back the enigmatic layers of our lives, presenting transformative insights into the very fabric of our metaphysical universe.

Plunge into the depths of metaphysical reality, and discover the secrets that surpass our comprehension.

With its enlightening and empowering content, this book ensures that everyone who reads it will see reality through different lenses.

One will be set on the path of personal growth and understand the multiple truths of our reality by reading it.

THE ECHOES OF ENIGMA – Book Description

Our new release “THE ECHOES OF ENIGMA,” is a groundbreaking self-help masterpiece that unravels the mysterious web of existence.

It distills ancient wisdom and contemporary insights, offering practical tools to decode universal secrets and harness their dynamics. Join us on this cosmic odyssey, where profound knowledge and wisdom serve as a guiding light for personal growth and spiritual awakening.

If ready to explore the echoes that reverberate through the cosmos and awareness you can get the book now!

THE ULTIMATE HUMAN SECRETS – The Hidden Power in Our Mysterious Unconscious Knowledge

The Ultimate Human Secrets - Book

From the Book’s Back Cover



Since birth, we are caged into the box of social interactions and acquiring validity and acceptance of those around us. Our current lifestyles and the fast-paced, unmerciful world have turned us into mirage chasers of all kinds.

Life has kept us preoccupied with many hardships, problems, and inconveniences, to such an extent that our only escape to release the pressure build-up is with preset fictitious programming offered by the media.

We became unreal dreams chasers offered carrots and sticks metaphors and unproductive addictions such as social media and TV.

About “The Ultimate Human Secrets”

Spirituality. Metaphysics. Personal Transformation. Self-help

‘The Ultimate Human Secrets’ book was released in 2021 and it explains the hidden unconscious secrets of life. It is a more detailed elaboration on the concepts and dynamics discussed in “The YOU beyond you.”

The manuscript covers all dimensions of our reality and existence, including the physical, biological, and metaphysical levels. ‘The Ultimate Human Secrets’ provides a comprehensive understanding of our existence and will assist readers in comprehending and applying a different approach to living based on the actuality of life formations, both on the biological and psychological levels.

The Ultimate Human Secrets – Book Description

“The Ultimate Human Secrets,” is the sequel to the acclaimed “The YOU beyond you.”

This thought-provoking must-read unravels the subconscious knowledge that holds the true secrets of our existence, empowering us to take control of our lives immerse ourselves in the dynamics of life, and challenge long-held beliefs and limitations to thrive in a new reality.

This guide offers insights rooted in biological and psychological theories, inspiring personal growth and enlightenment

This book is a real opportunity to acquire the knowledge and secrets of the universe—you can get your copy and embark on a journey toward a life enriched with profound revelations and unlimited possibilities.

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