Real self-help Tips: The Power in “LETTING GO”

Never allow others or your limitations to dictate what you become

I am choosing today a passage from my first published book, “The YOU beyond you” to comment on it later and explain the power of “letting go”.

When we begin on our spiritual journey, whether intentionally or as a result of a significant negative event in our lives that brings us back to our senses and prompts us to delve deeper into our souls, we begin the process of spiritual cleansing. This involves shedding the burdens we carry and undergoing a profound shift in our attitude toward the external world. We become more proactive, conscious, positive, and fruitful in our approach to life. Now, let us proceed to the passage from the book.

“At this stage, some people in our lives will dislike our new reality when they notice a change for the better. But do not let that discourage you. Others will disappear from your life under the excuse that they do not recognize you anymore. Some at this stage will let go, as you must begin to filter out some people in your entourage that constitute a negative influence on your well-being. 

“This might be painful, but it is necessary.” 

Many just give up and stop trying at this stage, as they let desperation take over and go through life just expressing how unfair and discriminating it is and how people are judgmental and harsh at times. 

Well, I have never seen anything fairer than life. What you invest in and let in prospers and multiplies. 

Consider your life as an equation of a+b+c. When the equation is as such you always get back as results combinations of the given you already set and incorporated in your way of living on different levels before, like aa+b+ccc or a+bbb+ccc. 

When working on your equation of a+b+c, make sure that all givens are positive and meaningful. At times people might get in your life and drop in a (d).

As an example, you are working on a specific project, and someone criticizes you and starts to downplay your efforts. This criticism might agitate you in a way. You might begin to shout at that person out of feeling irritated about what he/she said or did. This occurrence has added now to your life a new given which is harmful. This new (d) has rendered your life’s equation as an a+b+c+d. Although what you incorporated up to this point were all positives, a new negative variable was added without even you realizing it. 


One might argue that this was just a small irrelevant reaction, and I did not start it. It does not count in who I am, or what I want in life equation.

Reactions are actions, and everything counts, even the smallest of things. 

We take our negative reactions to others as an excuse to continue doing wrong while being entitled to natural behavior and response. It is not an excuse. You have incorporated the reaction in the equation, no matter what the trigger was, so it counts. If you are getting bad results, it is almost because of all the culmination of your previous unconscious (d) thoughts and actions that you allowed in. 

So, check what you are adding as variables objectively and screen your (d)s. Cut off anyone or anything that activates your (d)s or just simply change your reaction or find adequate solutions. 

Even the smallest negative action or thought that you believe does not matter, really does matter to a very great extent as it all adds up with time. Accept the bad occurrences and move on. Try your best to look at the bigger picture, regardless of how many pushbacks you face. 

You have a lot of power in you, more than you can ever imagine. It would help if you refuse to live a limited life and be proactive. It is difficult to initially implement this way of thinking as it was never part of the unconscious program you have built for yourself in the past and is a new way to deal with things, but this is in your best interest.

One should ultimately reach the conviction that he is unstoppable being driven by good energy because he is. In doing so, the only true friend you can have at this point is you. No one else is capable of aiding you in your efforts. It is a singular path one must take alone.” 

After reading the passage, one can discover the powerful yet often overlooked force of “letting go” – a force that has the potential to free the soul from the burdens of past and present anxieties. 

Imagine a traveler carrying a heavy backpack, each strap weighed down by memories of past failures, regrets, and disappointments. With each step, the weight becomes heavier, threatening to immobilize the weary traveler and block the path forward. 

However, amidst this struggle, there is a crucial moment – a moment of choice. Will the traveler continue to carry the weight of the past, or will they find the courage to let go, allowing the burden to fall away and the journey to continue unimpeded? 

“Letting go” is not merely about relinquishing physical possessions or external attachments; it is a profound inner journey of surrender, release, and ultimately, liberation. It is the art of releasing our grip on the past, present, and future, freeing ourselves from the chains of resentment, anger, and regret that bind us to moments long gone or still present in our lives. 

Recognizing impermanence is one of the most powerful catalysts for “letting go”. It is understanding that all things in life are temporary, transient, and subject to change. Change is the only constant reality in our world.

Just as the seasons transition from winter to spring, we must allow the cycles of life to unfold, embracing the inevitability of change and “letting go” of our futile attempts to control what is beyond our reach. 

It is not a one-time event; it is a continuous practice, a daily commitment to release what no longer serves our highest good. 

At different stages of our lives, we should make it a habit to pause, reflect, and purge all that has accumulated within us. We should cleanse all relationships and connections that do not benefit us, especially certain individuals, as people are complex beings who can unknowingly cause serious damage to one’s mental health. 

On a separate note, if some people walk away from you in return, let them go. That means your destiny is not tied to them. Do not try to convince them to stay. 

 Now, returning to our subject, “Letting go” is one of these powerful and effective purging mechanisms that allows us to regain full control over ourselves. It requires courage, vulnerability, and a willingness to confront the shadows within our hearts. It urges us to face our deepest fears, insecurities, and attachments, inviting us to surrender them to the universal flow of existence.

Furthermore, the power of this practice extends far beyond personal healing; it permeates every aspect of human interaction and societal dynamics. In relationships, it is the key to forgiveness, reconciliation, and genuine connection. It is the ability to release expectations and judgments, enabling us to see others with newfound clarity and compassion. 

“Letting go” is the foundation of breakthrough thinking – the willingness to let go of outdated paradigms and embrace the unknown. It is the fertile ground from which new ideas, perspectives, and possibilities emerge, unrestricted by convention and conformity. 

Ultimately, the power lies in its ability to free us from the limitations we impose on ourselves – the limiting beliefs, self-doubt, and fears that confine us within our comfort zones. It is the gateway to personal growth, transformation, and self-actualization – a journey of profound inner alchemy where we turn our pain into wisdom, our wounds into sources of strength, and our struggles into stepping stones toward a brighter life

Therefore, it is time to release the burdens that weigh heavy on your heart, surrender to the flow of life, and embrace the limitless possibilities that await on the other side of surrender. When applying this method in our lives, we not only find freedom but also discover the infinite potential of the human spirit to rise, reborn and radiant, from the ashes of the past and create a better present and future.

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